HMT Suspended Floating Roof Systems

HMT's Suspended Floating Roof Systems will considerably increase tank capacity, enabling tank owners to maximize the operation of their tankage. Increasing the capacity of a floating roof tank increases its operating efficiency, allowing owners to maintain competitiveness and profitability.

The idea of suspending internal floating roofs from a fixed roof is not new, as various designs design concepts have been used in the past. However, most of them incorporate support cables attached to the upper part of the roof leg sleeves with the cables coiling up on the floating roof as the roof moves up.

With HMT's design, the floating roof "rides" up and down on the cables. Roof support legs are not required, as the cables can be adjusted from the outside of the fixed roof to provide a "low" roof position and a "high" roof position. The floating roof leg sleeves are supported by circular steel weights attached to the ends of each support cable. These weights keep the cables from "riding" up as the floating roof moves up. The cables weights are attached to one another in a grid pattern to maintain position during fill, withdraw, turbulence, etc.

Design Features

  • The HMT Suspended Internal Roof can be adjusted from outside the tank, on top of the fixed roof, eliminating the safety hazard of entering the tank to adjust the roof's support legs.
  • No floating roof support legs are required, a major advantage when cleaning the tank bottom, coating or lining the tank bottom, locating steam piping, internals, etc.
  • HMT Suspended Internal Floating Roof System is suitable for use with most aluminum internal floating roofs.
  • The cost savings in additional capacity, improved operating efficiencies and inventory reduction is considerably greater than the initial system installation cost.




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