HMT Aluminator™ Internal Floating Roof

HMT's commitment to providing quality Aboveground Storage Tank products and services has led to the development of the HMT Aluminator Internal Floating Roof. The Aluminator Roof was developed in response to the market demand for a higher quality pontoon roof that can readily accommodate a shoe type primary seal and is not subject to the types of failures that have plagued other designs. Our innovative solutions to these challenges resulted in our developing a significantly better product than those previously available on the market.

In designing the Aluminator, HMT engineers studied all historical aluminum roof designs, noting both advantages and disadvantages, as well as comparing the advantages of both aluminum and steel roofs. This data was compiled, and using special computer analysis and design technology, the typically weak and failure prone problem areas found in prior aluminum roofs were eliminated. The Aluminator's unique design features the HMT Sigma-Strut™ Deck Support System, with special rim floatation and support leg configuration to provide unparalleled strength and durability.

The Sigma-Strut system's distinctive components have a section modules several times greater than other roofs to substantially exceed the loading requirements specified in API-650, App.H. The weight of the roof is supported by the Sigma-Strut deck support system rather than floatation pontoons, thereby making the Aluminator the strongest aluminum roof available.

Each Aluminator combines the advantage of both aluminum and steel roofs.

Aluminun & Aluminator Roofs:

  • Easy to Install
  • Less Costly Than Steel
  • Corrosion Resistant

Steel & Aluminator Roofs:

  • Vapor Tight Seams
  • Strength & Durability
  • Able to Accommodate a Mechnical Shoe Primary Seal & Secondary Seal

Each Aluminator is is designed for a specific tank application. Such individual design considerations as tank "out of roundness", tank shell condition, specific gravity of product, seal type, and rim space variations are incorporated into every aluminator roof.

Preventative maintenance is not required. The Aluminator roofs have been designed to require virtually no maintenance and only minimal periodic inspection. Moreover, no spare parts need to be stocked on site. In the unlikely event there is a need for replacement parts, all components are readily available through HMT facilities.

Aluminator Features:

  • Deck Support System: Sigma-Strut members are extruded with continuous threaded slots that eliminate the penetration of fasteners into the vapor space beneath the deck, thereby preventing the escape of vapors through the deck seams and bolt holes. Splices and 90 degree connections of the Sigma-Strut members to each other are accomplished with unique self-aligning T-sections for added strength and rigidity.
  • Support Legs: Support legs are connected to the unique Sigma-Strut deck support system, not to floatation pontoons. Support legs can be fixed or adjustable and are made from 1 1/2" structural aluminum pipe.
  • Pontoons: Pontoons are constructed from 10" dimeter tubing that has been hydrostatically pressure tested to 150 psi. Floatation forces exerted by the pontoons are evenly distributed to the Sigma-Strut deck by the use of one-piece saddle supports at each load point.
  • Bolted Connections: All fasteners are corrosion resistant 300 series stainless steel or aluminum bolting. There are no screws to losen up during service.
  • In-Stock Materials: Large inventory of all Aluminator materials are maintained for quick delivery.
  • Installation Available: Installation by experienced HMT field personnel from regional locations.

Special Connections:

  • All support legs are located at Sigma-Strut intersections for strength and are not connected to pontoon end caps, which are typically susceptible to gusset failure caused by cyclic loading.
  • Special Sigma-Strut design provides over 100% more bolt thread engagement area than in conventional girders utilizing screws, eliminating "pullout".
  • Unique Sigma-Strut deck support system design traps hydrocarbon vapors below deck and preventing their escape through bolt holes.
  • Pontoon end caps are designed for improved attachment to pontoons without gusset or support leg connections, eliminating cracked pontoon end caps.




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