HMT Gauge Pole Sock

Various regulatory agencies are now requiring that slotted gauge/guide poles be provided with an emissions control system. The HMT Gauge Pole Sock has been designed to eliminate hydrocarbon emissions from slotted gauge poles used on external and internal floating roof tanks. HMT's Gauge Pole Sock meets the Federal STERPP requirements for NSPS, subpart Ka/Kb. This is the solution for eliminating slotted gauge pole emissions!

The HMT Gauge Pole Sock features a specially formulated PTFE (Teflon®) fabric that is impervious to weather, stored products, and ultraviolet rays. This unique Gauge Pole Sock is designed to accommodate full roof travel, expanding as the roof moves upward and compressing as the roof moves downward, preventing the escape of hydrocarbon vapors at any roof position.

Delivered within two weeks after receipt of an order, the installation can be completed within one working day. The HMT Gauge Pole Sock can normally be installed on external floating roofs without removing your tank from service.

The HMT Gauge Pole Sock is another product demonstrating HMT's "Innovative Solutions" philosophy and commitment to providing quality products to the petroleum industry.


  • Resistant to all stored products
  • Easy to install
  • Long service life
  • Maintenance free
  • "In-service" installation
  • Meets STERPP requirements for NSPS
  • Eliminates hydrocarbon emissions from slotted gauge poles


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