HMT Pivot Master Fire Foam Delivery System

HMT's Pivot Master Fire Fighting Foam Delivery System is basically a modified catenary system designed to place the foam where it's needed - in the floating roof rim space directly on the product. Unlike the subsurface and foam chamber-on-shell methods, the foam cannot go anywhere but into the rim space. As a result, far less foam is required with this system than for a system, which has to fill a foam dam, thus resulting in a much faster response time. This rapid response time helps prevent "hot zones" from developing, making it easier to extinguish the fire.

HMT's Pivot Master Fire Fighting Foam Delivery System includes:

  • A pipe extending from a single high backpressure foam maker, permanently mounted on or outside the tank dike, to the tank foam shell inlet nozzle.
  • Our Pivot Master Flexible Piping System connecting the foam shell nozzle extension to a collection manifold located near the center of the floating roof.
  • A centrally located manifold collector box to top of the roof to distribute the foam from the collector box to the rim space around the circumference of the roof.

Note that a separate piping system is normally used for the roof drain system.

The Pivot Master Fire Fighting Foam Delivery System is considerably more cost effective than other types of foam systems. Since straight radial piping into the rim space is used from the center collection manifold, no rolled piping or piping elbows are required. Also, the need for a foam dam is eliminated. Easy to install and maintain, this system eliminates the need for the construction and installation of multiple foam makers, foam dams and large quantities of external piping and roof top wing railing.


  • Fast Response Time
  • Maintenance Free Operation
  • Incorporates Use of Pivot Master Flexible Joints
  • Low Initial Cost
  • Ease of Installation

Pivot Master Dual Purpose Roof Drain and Fire Suppression System

As an alternative, HMT can offer a dual purpose Pivot Master Roof Drain and Fire Suppression System. This system allows the roof drain piping to be utilized to transport high quality foam and dispense it to the floating roof space directly on the stored product in a rapid manner in the event of a floating roof rim fire.

This system utilizes a PHB high backpressure foam maker, which may be located on or outside the tank's dike area. The pumping pressure of the foam maker actuates a three-way value located at the discharge end of the roof drain to allow the foam to flow upward through the roof drain piping. A manifold, which is attached to a check valve at the upper end of the roof drain, is used to dispense the foam through a radial piping array. This radial piping network penetrates the peripheral seal to allow foam to be distributed directly onto the stored product in the floating roof rim space. The lines of the foam system are sloped in a manner, which will allow drainage of the foam through the roof drain system.



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