HMT Seal King™ Low Profile Secondary Seal

The HMT Seal King Low Profile Secondary Seal was specifically designed to enable tank owners to maximize the operation of their tankage. With its extremely low profile, the Seal King increases the capacity of a floating roof tank, thus increasing the operating efficiency and allowing tank owners to maintain competitiveness and profitability.

The Seal King's advanced materials of construction provide an exceptional anticipated service life. It is compatible with any product normally stored in floating roof tanks, including benzene, naphtha, methanol, toluene, ETBE, TAME, and MTBE. Its unique construction combines unsurpassed vapor sealing ability with exceptional water shedding capabilities, greatly reducing the amount of rainwater entering the product.

HMT is continuously providing new and innovative products and services to meet the ever-expanding requirements of our customers. The Seal King Low Profile Secondary Seal can provide added cost savings in additional capacity, improved operating efficiencies and inventory reduction.

Advanced Features:

  • Low Profile - increases storage tank capacity by increasing the maximum roof height
  • PTFE (Teflon®) Wiper - compatible with all products normally stored in floating roof tanks
  • Water Shedding Ability - water will not collect on vapor barrier fabric
  • Water Tight - keeps rain water out of product, greatly reducing the amount of rainwater entering tank 
  • Easy Fabric Inspection - fabric on outside
  • Easy Vapor Barrier Replacement - fabric is pre-punched for ease of installation
  • Light Weight - compared to other external secondary seals, for ease of installation
  • Long Service Life
  • Stainless Steel Construction



Download :   Datasheet

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