HMT Flex-A-Seal™ Secondary Seal

The HMT's Flex-A-Seal Secondary Seal is among the most economical and effective types of secondary seals available. Easily installed and maintained, the Flex-A-Seal Secondary Seal's ability to meet or exceed stringent gap specifications for secondary seals has earned their approval from governmental regulatory agencies throughout the U.S., including Northern California's BAAQMD and their "zero-gap" requirements.

Designed to be installed with the tank in service, the Flex-A-Seal Secondary Seal is engineered to adapt to virtually every type of external floating roof design, accommodating wide variations in annular rime space, and compatible with various types of primary seals and rim connections. Each Flex-A-Seal Secondary Seal is custom designed to fit a specific tank's characteristics. This assures that each seal will maintain a tight fit against the tank shell, all around the circumference of the floating roof, and at all operating roof elevation levels.

The Flex-A-Seal Secondary Seal, with its wide range of vapor barrier fabrics, combined with a TPE/Buna/Nitrile PVC blend tip, assure a highly effective seal for a wide range of products and service conditions. Available in either galvanized or stainless steel, the Flex-A-Seal Secondary Seal combines economy with reliability and durability.

HMT has been designing, fabricating and installing seals on Aboveground Storage Tank floating roofs for many years. The Flex-A-Seal Secondary Seal has "field-proven" it's effective sealing capability and long service life, while offering an economical choice in Secondary Seals.

Design Features:

  • In-Service installation
  • Accommodates wide range of rim space variations
  • Shunts for dissipating static electricity installed above seal upon request
  • Wide range of metallic and non-metallic materials available for various service conditions
  • HMT's PTFE Laminated Fluropolymer (Teflon®) vapor barrier fabric available 
  • Seals will return to tank without special attention, if tank is overfilled
  • Superior fire snuffing ability, in the event of lightning strike
  • Foam flow openings available
  • Rim mounts for vertical or horizontal attachment
  • Custom designed for each tank
  • Easily installed and maintained
  • Long Service life
  • Design reduces product contamination from rainwater, condensation and airborne contaminants
  • Approved by Northern California's BAAQMD, meeting their stringent "zero-gap" requirements



Download :   Datasheet

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