HMT Scissor Shoe™ Primary Seal

The HMT Scissor Shoe Primary Seal for aboveground storage tank floating roofs has gained EPA acceptance for two reasons. The seal has superior long-Iasting qualities and positive vapor sealing ability when gaps are present between the seal and the tank shell.

Our engineers redesigned the traditional shoe type seal in order to eliminate coil springs and under roof counterweights. The result is the HMT Scissor- Type Hanger Assembly. It successfully maintains a constant seal elevation even with wide variations in rim space. Seal gaps caused by uneven shoes are eliminated.

The HMT Scissor Shoe Primary Seal is available in galvanized or stainless steel. Both provide economical corrosive protection. The innovative design of the hanger assembly allows installation of the complete Scissor Shoe Primary Seal with the tank remaining "in-service".

Advanced features of the HMT Scissor Shoe Primary Seal : 

  • In-Service Installation 
  • Unique Scissor- Type Hanger, Pusher Bar and Pusher Plate Assemblies 
  • Compatibility with all Stored Products
  • Compliance with EPA and Local Regulations
  • External and Internal Floating Roof Designs
  • Compatibility with Welded and Riveted Tank Shells
  • Available with Secondary Seal Systems


Wide range of Seal Materials:

Metallic :

  • Stainless Steel 
  • Galvanized Steel

Primary Vapor Barrier Fabric :

  • Petrolam Laminated Flouropolymer (Teflon), fiberglass reinforced
  • Urethane, polyester reinforced
  • Buna-N Vinyl, fiberglass or nylon reinforced
  • Viton, fiberglass reinforced

These and other fabrics are available in various thicknesses.




Download :   Datasheet

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