SB TankServe Pvt. Ltd. was formed to handle HMT Rubbaglas Ltd. business in India. We are the exclusive representatives of HMT Rubbaglas Ltd., London, England – a wholly owned subsidiary of HMT Inc. ,Houston, U.S.A. – for India and Sri Lanka. In 1994, SB Electro-Mechanicals (now SBEM Pvt. Ltd.) started marketing HMT products in India. As the volume increased, it was found necessary to form a separate company to handle this increased volume. That is how SB TankServe was born.

SB TankServe has entered into Strategic Alliance Agreement with HMT to manufacture Vapour Saving Seals in India. These products are manufactured as per HMT design and in strict compliance with HMT quality norms. They will maintain the same high standard of quality as that of HMT products.

SB TankServe Pvt. Ltd. not only manufacture / markets the HMT products but undertake the installation of these products also. Technicians trained under the expert guidance of HMT engineers carry out the installation work of Primary & Secondary Seals, Floating Roof Drain systems etc. All HMT products are of highest quality and are of “fit & forget”type. You will hardly need any after-sales support. However, SB TankServe also provide after-sales support if the need arises.

The first ever Secondary Seal installed in India was of HMT make, installed back in 1996, which is giving satisfactory service till date.

The first installation of Pivot Master Roof Drain System in India is more than five years old and is working without any problem.

After these initial installations, there was no looking back.  The number of installations in India is increasing with every passing year and HMT have acquired the trust and confidence of customers as “Quality product supplier and Quality installation support”.



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